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Google Drive Training Document

Propane Chat offers many customization features, such as Chat Corrections and Training Documents, that allow you to teach your AI chatbot how to respond to customer questions.

Now, you can add training documents to Google Docs and integrate them into Propane Chat using Google Drive. Every time these documents are edited, they will be synced with Propane Chat.

To give us access to your training documents, you'll start by connecting Propane Chat to your Google Drive. First, visit the 'Training Documents' tab in the Propane Chat Dashboard.

Next, click on 'Add Files'. Select the Google Drive account that has the training document you would like to upload. Click 'Continue' to give Propane Chat access to your Google Drive. Then click on the document(s) you would like Propane Chat to reference when answering customer questions. Hold command to select multiple training documents at once.

After uploading the document, Propane Chat will scrape it, or memorize the information, so that it can use it when responding to questions. Additionally, when you or a team member edit the Google Doc(s), Propane Chat will internalize the changes and adjust its responses accordingly. By sharing the training document across departments and teams inside your organization, you can ensure that Propane Chat's knowledge base is up-to-date and holistic.

Thanks for using Propane Chat! We hope that you find Google Drive Sync helpful. We look forward to fueling your customer engagement and support one chat at a time.

- The PropaneChat Team

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