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Using PropaneChat's Supplementary Training Documents

PropaneChat, the live AI customer support agent for your website, offers many powerful features to make answering your website visitor's questions easier and faster than ever, 24/7.

When initially installed, Propane Chat 'reads' your website's content, and is almost immediately ready to answer customer questions. However, we believe that customization and correction are critical to any automated system. For this reason, we built in the ability to upload supplementary training documents that can be used in tandem with your website's content to answer customer questions.

By uploading additional training documents you can further customize PropaneChat and give it the information it needs to answer your customer's questions:

1. Visit the PropaneChat Dashboard: or for Wix sites.

2. Navigate to the "Training Documents" section of the Propane Chat Dashboard.

3. Optimize and Upload the Training Document

Here you can upload any documents providing additional information about your organization or industry. Simply drag and drop your document or click "Browse" to find it on your computer. We accept and are able to process any of the following file types (the list is also provided in the dashboard): .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .odt, .doc, .docx. Be aware that depending on the size of your document(s) it can take anywhere from a few seconds, and up to 30 minutes, for your uploaded document(s) to be used in responses.

Troubleshooting training documents:

PropaneChat is highly flexible, and in many cases can make logical deductions even with poorly formatted information. If, however, you notice that PropaneChat struggles to use the information provided in your training documents here are a few things you can try.

1. Have answers mirror their questions.

Due to the way that PropaneChat searches your training documents when asked a question (as well as all other instructions and information given to it) we recommend that the information in training documents mirror the language typically used in questions by your customers. For example:

Question: "What is the access code for the California Sector?"

Bad: "1XIUY" (Found in a column of information about the California Sector)

Good: "California Sector: 1XIUY"

Better: "Access Code for the California Sector: 1XIUY"

2. Avoid photos.

In the near future we hope to include advanced OCR in the training documents indexing process. For the moment being, however, please ensure that your training documents do not include photos of important information as this will not be accessible to Propane Chat.

You're done!

Thanks for using Propane Chat. We hope that you find 'Training Documents' to be helpful. We look forward to Fueling your customer engagement and support one chat at a time.

- The PropaneChat Team

Download PropaneChat for free today:

Have more questions about PropaneChat or want help setting up your personalized AI Chatbot? Feel free to ask PropaneChat yourself using the chat feature on this website or reach out to us at


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