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Website-Trained AI Customer Support Chatbot

Immediately answer your website visitors' questions with an AI-powered chatbot trained on your website's contents.

-  2 week free trial

    no card required

PropaneChat AI Chatbot customer questions/conversation example

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How Does It Work?

1. Submit your url

Provide us with your website’s URL so we can scrape your site. This allows the AI to master the website's content.

2. Upload Documents & Chat Corrections

Optionally, upload any additional training documents you like. PropaneChat will use these documents to answer customer questions. Further customize your chat bot with chat corrections allowing you to always answer customer questions the way you want to.

3. See your site's custom chatbot answer questions

The chatbot will consult the data you provided to answer visitors’ questions with real-time, conversational replies.

Fueling Customer Engagement One Chat at a Time

Add our chatbot to your site with no coding and watch it learn from your website in real-time.

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