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Using Propane Chat Chat Corrections

PropaneChat, the live AI Chatbot for Wix sites, offers many powerful features to make answering your website visitor's questions easier and faster than ever, 24/7.

Critical to any automated system is customization and correction. While PropaneChat is trained by the content on your site out-of-the-box, and can already answer customer questions, it may not be perfect just yet.

By adding a chat correction you can customize the way PropaneChat responds to customer queries. Here's how:

1. Visit the PropaneChat Dashboard at

2. Type in the question.

Navigate to the 'Chat Corrections' section. To add a chat correction to Propane Chat type in the customer question that you would like to add a custom response to in the 'Question' text-box. Anytime a website visitor asks this question (or any re-phrasing of the question) your custom response will be given.

3. Type in the answer.

Then type the custom response into the 'Answer' text box. Click 'Save'.

PropaneChat is based on a powerful AI Engine so it can make logical deductions while sticking to your website's content and Chat Corrections. As a result, even if a customer asks the same question, but with different phrasing, PropaneChat can still respond using your Chat Correction.

You can add as many Chat Corrections as you like as well as delete or edit any previously added chat corrections by looking just below the save button.

We look forward to Fueling your customer engagement and customer support one chat at a time.

- The PropaneChat Team

Download PropaneChat for free today:

Have more questions about PropaneChat or want help setting up your personalized AI Chatbot? Feel free to ask PropaneChat yourself using the chat feature on this website or reach out to us at


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