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What is 'scraping'?

When you install Propane Chat on your site it automatically begins scraping your website so that it can answer any and all customer questions related to any information on your company's site. This can take up to 30 minutes after first installing Propane Chat.

When Propane Chat scrapes your websites it is as if it were 'reading' all of the publicly available pages of your website and committing them to memory so that when a customer has a question it has the answer. If you make a change to your website you may need to have Propane Chat 're-read' your website so that it'll have the most up-to-date information. To have Propane Chat re-scrape simply press the 're-scrape' button found in the Propane Chat Dashboard under the 'Configure Scraping' tab.

If you want to teach/train Propane Chat to know even more about your organization you can via Chat Corrections and Training Documents.


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