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Tune Propane Chat's Responses

To provide even more control over Propane Chat's responses we've introduced the 'Tune Responses' tab in the Propane Chat dashboard. Here you'll find two new features that allow you to manage Propane Chat and how it interacts with your customers.

1.Default Response

Here you can change the default response that Propane Chat gives in the rare event that it can't find the answer to the customer's question. You can ask for the customer to leave their name and email so that a member of your team can reach out to them later, direct them to a particular part of your website (perhaps a help page or contact page), give them your contact info, etc.

2. Custom Instructions (beta)

Here you can give Propane Chat custom instruction that will be applied to every response. A few examples might include changing your chatbot's personality, having it refer to itself in the first or third person, clarify if it should act as a company owner, agent, or chatbot, or having it crack a joke or give a particular sign off at the end of every message, etc. We recommend experimenting with different instructions via the 'test chat feature' also found in the Propane Chat Dashboard.

Learn how to further customize your AI Chat bot to fit your businesses needs using Chat Corrections and Training Documents.

- Propane Chat Team

(415) 621 9110


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