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What is PropaneChat?

PropaneChat is a live AI Chatbot that your website visitors can talk to to get their questions about your business answered conversationally in seconds. Here are a few of PropaneChat's key features:

1. PropaneChat is designed for Wix sites.

PropaneChat is integrated with the Wix Chat App so that you can use many chat features that you are likely already familiar with including seeing all of the conversations that PropaneChat has with your customers in the Wix inbox, chat aesthetic customizations, the ability to interrupt and see conversations from your phone and more.

2. PropaneChat is trained by your website's content.

When you install PropaneChat on your Wix website it immediately gets to work 'reading' or 'scanning' it's contents using a process known in the industry as scraping. This process usually takes anywhere between 3-30 minutes depending on the size of your site. We will email you when this process is over.

3. PropaneChat answers questions conversationally.

Once your AI Chatbot has been scrapped it uses your site's content to answer your customers questions in seconds. When a website visitor asks PropaneChat a question it searches your website for the answer and then conversations responds to their queiries in seconds. Never leave a customer unsupported.

Chat customizations

PropaneChat also offers two ways to further personalize your custom AI Chatbot. Add additional training documents and chat corrections to provide PropaneChat with more infromation and instricution on how to answer customer questions just the way you want.

We look forward to Fueling your customer engagement and customer support one chat at a time.

- The PropaneChat Team

Download PropaneChat for free today:

Have more questions about PropaneChat or want help setting up your personalized AI Chatbot? Feel free to ask PropaneChat yourself using the chat feature on this website or reach out to us at


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