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Propane Chat, the AI customer service agent, already knows everything about your organization and can chat with your website visitors to answer their questions conversationally


no card required


Join hundreds of business using Propane Chat to answer their FAQs

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Bringing AI to Small Businesses

the AI chatbot that actually does what you want it to

Conversational Answers

Respond with human-like answers to your customers' questions in seconds.


You now speak Mandarin

Propane Chat is fluent in many languages and can answer international customers' questions.

Trained by your Website

Propane Chat reads your entire website and can answer most user questions upon installation.

Unlimited Replies

Propane Chat can handle all of your customers simultaneously and provide thousands of answers monthly.

Further Customization

Customize Propane Chat with your own specific responses with Chat Corrections and Training Documents.

Wix Integration

You can watch your customers' conversations with Propane Chat and interrupt at any time.

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"Propane Chat is just what we needed. It has helped us talk to more people, and when there is a question that we didn’t have an answer to on our site we can teach it what to say. I completely recommend it!"

- Boan Rubalcava

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add Propane Chat to your site


Propane Chat reads and memorizes every damn thing on your site


watch Propane Chat field the stupid FAQs you hate answering


monthly subscription: 


annual subscription per month:


AI support that improves everyone's experience

Here are just a few of the benefits


Save Time & Money
Focus on improving your business and avoid hiring any additional customer service staff


Increase Conversions
The average website visit only lasts 50 seconds. Respond faster and avoid losing customers


Propane Chat will teach itself everything about your business with a click of a button

"I added this to my site and it answers all customer questions with the feel of a real person. I anticipate it cutting down on phone calls and emails. This is a Game-Changer!"

- David Fritch

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Got questions?

Can I take over the conversation?

You can jump into the conversation anytime by sending a message to your customer. Once you have sent a message, Propane Chat will stop responding for 10 minutes. You can see all customer conversations live in the Wix Inbox.

Can I watch the AI conversations?

Yes! Because Propane Chat integrates with Wix Chat (a 100% free web app offered by Wix and required for Propane Chat to work) you can see all customer conversations at all times in the Wix inbox.

Can I pause/stop the AI responses?

Absolutely! In the Propane Chat dashboard you can pause and resume Propane Chat's responses anytime you like.

Can I correct Propane Chat?

Yes. In the Propane Chat dashboard you can specify a desired response to a specific question. You can also upload additional training documents to help Propane Chat continue to learn about your business.

Is there a demo?

In our humble opinion the best demo is the 2-week free trial, but if you want to see something right this second you can click on the Let's Chat button on your screen right now. We stand by our own product!

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