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Interruption Cool Down

Propane Chat, the AI Chatbot for Wix, offers many powerful AI customer service features and capabilities.

One of which is the ability to live monitor AI-customer conversations via our Wix inbox integration. Watch any conversation your AI Chatbot is having with a customer in real-time, and review previous conversations anytime.

More important; however, is your ability to interrupt Propane Chat and take over the conversation with your customer. Simply send a message into the chat and Propane Chat will stop responding, giving you the space to chat with your customer yourself.

But what if the customer comes back to your site and asks another question hours later?

By default, when you first send a message, Propane Chat will stop responding for 10 minutes. This 10 minute timer re-sets every time you send an additional message.

For example:

  • Customer: "Where are your products manufactured?" (Perhaps this is a question Propane Chat doesn't yet have an answer for)

  • Propane Chat: "My apologizes, but it seems we haven't been asked that question before; however, our headquarters are in Arizona. Please leave your name and we'll reach out to you shortly...."

  • You: "Hi, this is Sarah. Our products are all manufactured in the United States. Is there anything else I can help you with?" 10 minute timer is set

  • Customer: "Yes, what is your return policy"

Less than 10 minutes have passed so Propane Chat won't respond

  • You: "We accept all returns for 30 days"

10 Minute timer is reset


Customer returns the next day:

  • Customer: "Where can I find my order's tracking number?" Propane Chat responds since 10 minutes or more have passed since your last message was sent

  • Propane Chat: "You can find your order information in the member area..."

If you would like Propane Chat to wait for more or less time, after detecting a message sent by a member of your team, before responding you can adjust the Interruption Cool Down time in the 'Scraping & Chat Settings' tab of the Propane Chat Dashboard. This feature is available only for certain plans.

The Interruption Cool Down is customer chat specific, meaning that if you have multiple customers messaging your site simultaneously, and you begin responding manually in only one of these conversations, Propane Chat will continue to respond to your other website visitor's questions.

If you have any additional questions please text us at 801-556-4504

Thank you for choosing Propane Chat,

-Taylor @ Propane Chat


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