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Connecting WhatsApp for Wix Sites

Propane Chat is the premier AI customer service agent for Wix websites.

Now, via 'channels' in the Wix Inbox, you can connect WhatsApp to Propane Chat so that when customers message your WhatsApp Business number Propane Chat answers their questions right on WhatsApp.

If you already have a WhatsApp account but it isn't a WhatsApp Business account:

To connect your WhatsApp account it must be a WhatsApp Business account. Unfortunately, the only way to convert your non-business WhatsApp account to a business WhatsApp account is to delete your current non-business account, wait 3 minutes for the number to become re-eligible for WhatsApp, and then use it to create your WhatsApp business account. If you would like to back-up your WhatsApp messages before deleting your account there are articles for IOS here and Android here. To see WhatsApp's instructions on how to migrate an existing WhatsApp number to a Business account click here (we will be creating the business account later).

Creating a WhatsApp Business account and/or linking it to Wix Inbox:

Now that you have a WhatsApp Business account, or a number you can use to create a WhatsApp business account, we'll learn how link WhatsApp to your Wix Inbox.

First, visit your Wix Dashboard. In the top right corner click on the chat icon, then click on 'Go to Inbox' followed by 'Settings', 'Communication Channels', and finally 'Connect Account' as shown below.

Take note that once you have connected your Wix Business account, as a result of WhatsApp's policies, you will only be able to use that account through the Wix Inbox and you will no longer be able to access the account via the official WhatsApp app.

As you follow the steps depicted below you will be given the option to create a new business account with your number or select an existing WhatsApp business account to connect to Wix. Here we create a new WhatsApp business account but the steps are nearly identical if you are selecting an exisitng account.

The Steps:

  1. Log into the facebook associated with your business.

  2. Fill in your business information.

  3. Select an existing WhatsApp business account or indicate that you would like to create a new one.

  4. If you create a new one you will need to enter the business name and category.

5. Enter the number you would like to use with your new WhatsApp business account. Again, if you already have a WhatsApp account but it is not a WhatsApp business account, you have to delete your non-business account so that you can use your business number to create a new WhatsApp business account.

6. Enter the confirmation code texted to your business number and then you should see a screen confirming that you WhatsApp business is now connected to Wix Inbox.

Now, if you have selected the WhatsApp channel in the 'Tune Responses' tab of the Propane Chat Dashboard, you should see Propane Chat responding to messages sent to your business number via WhatsApp. When responding to WhatsApp messages Propane Chat uses all of the information that you have already given it including your website's content, chat corrections, training documents, response tuning, etc.

Connecting Propane Chat to WhatsApp is available today with the Fire and Torch plans.

Thanks for choosing Propane Chat. We look forward to Fueling your customer engagement one chat at a time.

- The PropaneChat Team

Install PropaneChat for free today: 

Have more questions about PropaneChat or want help setting up your personalized AI Chatbot? Feel free to ask Propane Chat yourself using the chat feature on this website or reach out to us at


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